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Mosquitos are on the rise in Michigan, and it’s  particularly due to the recent floods and storms that took place a few weeks ago. Macomb County environmentalist Joe DeCaussin says that, “We went from having about 200-300 in each trap to about 1,000 in each trap, a pretty big uptick.” DeCaussin also stated that, “It’s concerning. I think as we see with our traps here, we’ve seen kind of an increase of the mosquitoes we’re collecting. We know that they are breeding more and the weather’s getting nice too. I would expect there to be a lot more mosquitos out there.”

Two Dams Burst Flooding Town Of Midland, Michigan

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

This is a concern for many Michiganders because mosquitos can carry diseases like Malaria and West Nile Virus making it hard for people to enjoy the outdoors and participate in outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, bike riding, jogging, swimming etc.

Ways to protect yourself and your family from large crowds of mosquitoes are to make sure you avoid isolated water places like puddles that may attract mosquitoes. Planters, children’s toys, piles of trash/debris from flooded basements that all got wet, but were left outside in the heat also attract mosquitos.

Detroit, make sure to protect yourself and your family from this mosquito infestation as it looks like they are continuing to be on the rise as wet and warm weather continue to be in the forecast for the next few days.