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Susie Pratt and her son Kmail, decided to take a trip from New York to Las Vegas. While on the flight, they wanted a different meal then the typical airline food, so what did they bring? A seafood boil!  A photo of the two went viral after they were caught indulging in two pans full of seafood and potatoes.

The photo was first shared online by a Twitter user who goes by the name @NotsoNewlywedPC. Pratt and Kmail, were both surprised that the photo went viral. They told New York news outlet News 12, that it was the flight attendant who took the picture. Pratt said she was shocked people were saying negative things online, including calling her and her son “ghetto.” During her interview with News 12, Pratt said, “Nothing about me and my son was ghetto,” We take pride in being classy.”

Detroit, let us know what you think. Was this “ghetto” by Pratt and her son Kmail, or was this classy and not that big of a deal?