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Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is returning to Detroit this Sunday, June 13 to preach the good word at a couple Detroit churches and spread some love and share his story of redemption with the good people of Detroit.

Kilpatrick, whom now resides in Atlanta, Georgia is scheduled to make two appearances this Sunday. One sermon will be giving at 8:30 (which will be prerecorded), the other at around 10:30 at Historic Little Rock Baptist Church.  Rev. James Holley, the senior pastor of Little Rock Baptist Church said that “Based on interviews about his (Christian) conversion … it’s worth telling, we want people to know God can make a change in people’s lives.”

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As most of us know, Kilpatrick served more than seven years in prison for corruption crimes. In January, he was released from federal prison by former President Donald Trump and he would now like to share his story and how he is looking to move away from politics and study ministry. Kilpatrick said that this will be his “hometown debut,” and that this is going to be this first public thing he’s done since getting out of prison.

Detroit lets support the former mayor as he shares with us his journey to redemption.