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One of the west coast’s finest has landed yet another new job. Snoop Dogg has joined forces with Def Jam and is now the Executive Creative and Strategic Consultant with most of his work coming in the A&R department. In a video posted on Instagram, Snoop Dogg said he always wanted to be a part of Def  Jam because they were the “holy grail” of hip-hop, but because Death Row records started on the west coast, he was unable to join.

"The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet

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In the video, Snoop also said that, “I’ll be going to the catalog, revitalizing that, bringing back life stories on some of these great artists. I’ll also be bringing some new talent to the table, new producers, new artists.” Snoop even said he could be possible making some new music with Def jam as well.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to the city of Detroit. Every time his comes to the city he make sure he stops by a few of the local business to eat and shop and even makes sure he stops to talk with some of Detroit’s biggest talents, like comedian Ha Ha Davis and rapper Trick Trick.

Congratulations Snoop Dogg, Detroit is proud of you!