Surveillance footage captures four individuals coming into Sloppy Chops on Wednesday evening to eat, however when the bill came everyone just got up and left.

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Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Owner Kelley Brown says that “It’s disappointing that we still have people who come out and still do childish things like that,”  Brown also stated that “One of the ladies we have seen in here several different times. She sits at the bar, she sat at several different tables, they had lobster, lamb chops, like the whole to do, drinks and everything.” Brown then said that when it was time to pay everyone just got up and left within minuets. Brown said that while he was helping another customer, he began to hear one of his employees screaming. As he looked up, he could see the entire party get up and leave the restaurant. “She was like ‘That was a $340 bill,’ I was like, ‘Good.’ She was like ‘No, they ran,’”  “That bill was a large chunk of our business for the day.” Brown says going forward he is definitely going to increase the restaurant’s safety measures as well as increase their security.