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Video footage of a security guard outside of  Level Two bar in Greektown on Saturday night shows a security guard shoving two customers out of the bar. In the video, one of the security guards slams a man onto the ground, causing the girlfriend of the man to intervein.

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The security guard then shoves the women causing her to hit a light pole. Allegedly, the couple was kicked out of the bar, but they were refusing to leave the premises, which is what caused the security guard to react. The video also showed the security guard shouting at the couple telling them to go home. Police did eventually arrive on the scene, however the incident had already begun to thin out making people wonder why didn’t the police intervein earlier, to help deescalate the situation. As of right now, Detroit Police say that there is not enough information to prove officers did anything wrong. The police plan to review some of the officer’s that were involved body camera’s as well as gather other information to determine what exactly happened and what to do moving forward.