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Diamond Robinson, a woman from Eastpointe, received a $385 ticket for allegedly talking too loud on her cell phone. While walking down her street talking on her phone, Robinson was approached by her neighbor, a women who just moved to the neighbor a few weeks ago, and was asked  ”Do you think that you can get off your phone or talk lower.” Robinson replied to the women ”Get out of my face,” then  proceeded to walk past her. After a few minutes past, Eastpointe Police Department showed up and issued Robinson a hefty $385 ticket for being a “public nuisance.”  Robinson then pulls out her phone  records the whole incident on Facebook Live and says that she’s going to fight this ticket because she believes it was racially motivated and that she is being “targeted.”

Hard Rock Calling - Day Three

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It is important to note that the neighbor who asked Robinson to get off her phone then called the police was a white women, which is why Robinson feels like she’s being targeted. A officer from Eastpoint police Department was asked why the fine was so steep, his reply, “She will have her day in court.” Detroit do you think Diamond Robinson was being targeted?