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Are you a person who uses recreational marijuana?  Are you confused about the “do’s and don’ts” for using it in public?  Well here are some of the rules in Michigan that might help you when smoking marijuana in public, so that you don’t get yourself in trouble.

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As of Dec. 6,  2018, the use of recreational was officially legalized in Michigan, but many people are still confused as to when/where they can use it, how much of it they can have on them at one time etc. So, here are some of the rules for using marijuana in Michigan. To began, any adult 21 years of age or older can use and possess marijuana. You are allowed to travel with up to 2.5 oz. of marijuana (or 15 grams) at one time except when on school property, or correction facility etc.

As far as where you are allowed to purchase marijuana, you can legally purchased marijuana from any and all metro Detroit dispensaries, with your marijuana licenses. If you are a frequent marijuana user, it is highly recommended you get a marijuana card .

Finally, where are you allowed to use marijuana? By law, it is illegal to consume marijuana in a public and you could possibly get arrested if caught. For now, experts recommend marijuana users consume marijuana in their homes or some other private area that will allow it.

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Detroit, if you are a marijuana user make sure you are following Michigan’s rules for marijuana use and consumption to keep yourself out of trouble this summer while enjoying your weed.