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Recently a scam targeting recently vaccinated people have been going around to people’s emails all across the nation. It has even caught the eye of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Recently Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel warned about the increase in scams during the coronavirus pandemic at a press conference. Here at KISS FM, you’ll find the details to know how to spot this scam.

What To Look Out For

The scammers are seeking people who have recently received the COVID-19 vaccination. When opening the email claims to be a survey on your recent vaccine, even offering money for completing the survey. The emails even look legit, using some of the leading manufactures of the vaccine.

Phizer, Moderna, and Johson & Johson are not sending out any surveys for the vaccine, and they would like it to be known that any of these emails using their logo is fraudulent. Take these steps to protect yourself.

  • DO NOT click on any link from an email that fits this description
  • NEVER submit any personal information to the email
  • DELETE the email immediately

AG Nessel spoke to the media on this scam and stated,

(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

“Scammers continue to find ways to steal personal information and although many who have received the COVID vaccine have a sense of pride, it is crucial that people avoid sharing their vaccination cards for this exact reason.”

“Bad actors are resourceful and with any piece of personally identifiable information, they will work hard to find out more about you. If you do receive a suspicious email or text, remember to never click on any unsolicited links or attachments, and also remember that no legitimate surveys will ever ask for your credit card or bank account number to pay for a ‘free’ reward.”


Don’t Fall For It

The scammers are making this fake survey very enticing, however, we want our community to stay aware of these scams. Please tell your family to watch out for this email. Ask friends if they’ve received this scam in their account. Make sure to inform them and look out for them to ensure their personal info stays safe.

We’ll be posting more information on what to look out for, there are even scams targeting Detroiters directly. Listen to Mason & Starr from 6 – 10 am, for more info and the latest updates to stay safe in the D.