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S.W.A.G. Out Your Student

Students Wired for Achievement and Greatness (S.W.A.G.) is a scholarship fund sponsored by Michigan Chronicle partnered with TCF bank, and they’re looking to help your young student with free money for college. LaTrice McClendon works at TCF Bank as Senior Vice President and Director of Community Relations, and she wants to get the word to the young people in Detroit. She explained to Angie Starr in an interview on KISS FM how money is there for students and the scholarships are completely free money!

Starr Interviews LaTrice McClendon

Listen to the full interview and find more information on how to get your student this boost in their education. This money is available to any students looking to go to college, trade school, or any secondary education.

Free Money For Education

This is free money that your student won’t have to worry about paying back! The S.W.A.G. fund wants to make sure the money goes to good use, inspiring the next generation without the burden of debt that comes along with financial aid. Not holding back all together they’re offering a total of $100,000 in scholarships. Your student’s GPA just has to be a 2.5 or higher to apply, and if chosen they can get a $20,000 scholarship. Now that’s a great option for a student that needs an opportunity to get ahead!

The Publisher of the Michigan Chronicle, Hiram E. Jackson explained,

“specifically created to ensure that more minority students in Detroit who demonstrate leadership in multiple areas, other than grades, have access to scholarships.”

The deadline is coming up soon on April 9th, make sure to act quickly and sign up for this helpful fund. Make sure your student is ready and find more information here on S.W.A.G. they’ll let you know what they want to hear in the essay. Find out more helpful tips on KISS FM Detroit. Listen to Mason & Starr, and hear more from Angie Starr every morning