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Jamie Foxx in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The NAACP awarded Jamie Foxx on Wednesday, winning in the outstanding character voice-over performance category.

In 2020 Pixar released the motion picture Soul on Disney Plus, starring Jamie Foxx as the voice of Joe. The story follows the main character and his life as a band director, where he discovers his inner soul. At 53 years of age Foxx is extremely proud of his achievement with this being his 6th NAACP award.

With this being the first time an African American lead has won in the category, he’s ecstatic to be making history with the award. He has many projects to come with a Netflix deal where he’ll be playing the title boxer Mike Tyson in a series. Hopefully, this will be just the start of more to come for more to come from Jamie Foxx.

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