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Angie Starr announced that she’s expecting a new baby to her family! Her lovely 2½-year old dog Bogart has recently found a mate in 1-year-old Blanca. The Shitzu and Monteaze mix was a young bachelor, making Bogart the perfect match for the bachelorette, Blanc, and setting her up for her first litter.

Starr filled us in on how she had a great time bringing them together on a fun doggy dinner date. With the breed being so unique, matching them up was a process, but she’s extremely excited and ended up celebrating at the station today with a puppy shower.

Bogart playing with his favorite toy (Photo by: Angie Starr/Beasley Media Group – Detroit)

Things took a slight turn when a debate started between Mason & Starr on “doggie relationships”…

“Animals don’t get emotional and choose a girlfriend over another girlfriend or boyfriend. What they chose are mates!” Mason exclaimed. This prompted Starr to fill us in on the “details” of the courtship.  If you tuned in to the show this morning, you probably heard the details as well (haha).


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