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It’s the 7th annual Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp: ‘Taking the Debt out of College’, November 27th, 2020!  

“Learn to be smarter about your financial approach to college”

This is a College & Career Readiness Program aimed to reach high school students that are college-bound, current college students, and parents supporting their students financially and academically.

 Register now to attend on Friday, November 27th, from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM!

Students and Parents will be engaged for the entire day in sessions, giving them a chance to win prizes, money, etc. A fun day of learning and college planning. Our founder, Gwen Thomas, international speaker and author of “The Parents Smart Guide to Sending Your Kids to College without Going Broke,” created Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp.

Listen to Angie Starr’s informative interview with founder, Gwen Thomas below:


In addition to helping to put students on track to winning scholarships to pay for their college education and reach their career goals, it’s also helped students win over $16 million in scholarships and study abroad in over 100 countries!

Register Now! Click here!

About founder Gwen Thomas:

Gwen Thomas is the founder of Fresh Perspectives Seminars. She is the author of “The Parents Smart Guide to Sending you Kids to College without Going Broke.” She has worked with policymakers, businesses, colleges, associations, and clergy to discuss strategies to improve youth’s educational opportunities in urban, rural, and suburban communities. She prides herself on making significant life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged families to strengthen economic and social advancements for a sustainable quality of life. Fresh Perspectives collaborates with domestic and international organizations, and Thomas’ work is the manifestation of her passions to enlighten, educate and empower communities, eliminate debt, and create a world of equity and equality for all. Thomas operated the first promotional marketing agency, Promotions Unlimited 2000, Inc. in the State of Michigan from 1988-2012. She participates in speaking events around the globe.

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