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The following four minutes may teach you more about American Government than an entire semester of history class…

We all should know how important the 2020 election is. But there are still people who aren’t sure about the voting process and how decisions affecting our lives are truly made.

Enter a young artist who goes by the name of ‘YelloPain’. He breaks down why voting in all elections and all races is important.

“Every time you sit out an election, every time you don’t show up because you think it doesn’t matter, someone else is happy that you didn’t show up, so they can make that decision for you…”

Watch the following video, spread the word, and make sure YOUR VOICE is heard by voting on November 3rd.

Video: “YelloPain – “My Vote Dont Count”

For more information on voting, click HERE!

Watch Kiss Fm’s Angie Starr on Local 4 News with Evrod Cassimy talk about the importance of voting:

Solutions Not Slogans: Get Out And Vote

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