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(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The 2020 Census is still going on, so you still have time to be counted in!

Mason talks with Detroit deputy mayor, Conrad Mallett about the importance of participating in the Census. Listen below:


Here are some very important reminders everyone should know:

» The Census is easy – It takes less than 10 minutes and is only nine questions!

» The Census is confidential – your personal information is sealed for 72 years. Plus, NO one can access your information – NOT the government, insurance companies, friend of the court, your landlord, social services!

» PERSON COUNTED MATTERS! Federal funds provided are $5,000 per person per year for 10 years. That’s $50,000 per person counted!

» The amount of federal money for Medicaid, Police and Fire, free school lunches, food assistance, libraries, head start programs – even college student aid – DEPENDS on YOU submitting your Census form!

» Citizens are not the only people counted – Immigration doesn’t matter. Incarceration, homeless, those living with a relative, young children, college students in dorms, renters – EVERYONE matters!

» If you only answer ONE question on the Census form – the number of people who live in your household – your Census form will STILL be accepted!

Please remember… If you and the people in your neighborhood aren’t counted, YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD WON’T GET THE INVESTMENT.

You still have time to go to to complete the Census online!

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