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Words Of Life I Still Live By

Earth Wind and Fire was what i called the band of life,There music was so full of love and spirituality i actually felt that way at age 15 when i heard there first album Last Days And Time 1972. EWF was coming to the community college in Cleveland only one hundred people showed up and at that time there second album was getting radio play with a song called Keep Your Head To The Sky, They told everyone to move the chairs on the floor and sit Indian style on the floor.

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They played for 2 hours, It was like nothing i ever heard or spiritually took in through sound and because i was with the promoter who was our mailman! he took me backstage to meet them. The lateĀ  Maurice White told me something i live by to this day and that was, ” Never look at life as a chore always approach it with the attitude to master the small things ,then nothing at all can be to big to conquer” I live by those words today