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(Photo by Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images for Crown Royal)

Paczki Day in Detroit is this Tuesday February 25, 2020.

Early on Tuesday, February 25, many metro Detroiters will make the annual journey to their bakery of choice, braving long lines for that pivotal pre-Lenten Polish indulgence — the paczek. Regardless of whose Polish or Catholic, the plump and pillowy fried dough treats savored on Paczki Day are a delicacy widely enjoyed.

(Photo by Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images for Crown Royal)

Dutch Girl Donuts

19000 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48203
(313) 368-3020

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Woodward Avenue’s doughnut icon goes Polish on Fat Tuesday with a selection of glazed and frosted paczki stuffed with extra sweet fillings. Arrive extra early to beat the morning paczki rush. The shop is open 24 hours a day!